Retaining Wall Project

"We hired Francis and his team to work on an extensive project in our backyard. The project involved digging up a slope, expanding the flat surface in our backyard and building of 4-5 feet high and 50 feet long retaining wall. In addition, Francis and his team installed a drainage system along the length of the retaining wall that takes the water from the slope/hill into a larger drainage system along the perimeter of the property.
This was a particular difficult task to complete because the weather at the time did not collaborate and, in our hill there are natural spring water sources that needed to be re-directed to appropriate drainage. They fixed permanently a long term problem with the existing drainage system by connecting the end of draining pipe to the city water collection. They also cleaned up the hilly area behind the retaining wall from weeds and wild plants. The slope was then planted with decorative shrubs and trees. Upon completion of retaining wall and planting/mulching the hilly area behind the retaining wall, they restored and re-seeded the lawn and disturbed areas. They re-connected and expanded the existing sprinkler system to cover the entire newly extended backyard.
In addition to this major project, we hired Francis and his team to re-pave our 10 year old driveway. Francis and his team did an excellent job, were punctual and kept us appraised along the way on the progress and issues of the day. We are very happy with the quality of their work and the final outcome of the project.

Estela and Andi, Worcester